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Doak Creek Native Plant Nursery Doak Creek Native Plant Nursery is a family run nursery nestled back in the hills of the Lorane Valley about 20 miles southwest of Eugene, Oregon.

Doak Creek Native Plants specializes in containerized northwest native plants. We are dedicated to providing you with healthy native plants that are fertilized with compost and a slow release fertilizer. We do not use herbicides or pesticides here at the nursery. Our plants are grown from seed or cuttings onsite or come from other northwest native growers. As a small business, we are committed to supporting and working together with others in our community to support our environment, communities and children.

A natural ecosystem without introducing invasive plants is our most beautiful landscaper, harmonious with its environment. With 16 years of experience doing design work and consulting while running Doak Creek Native Plant Nursery, I can help you create a beautiful design bringing native plants into your garden. I have knowledge on soil improvement, deer resistant plants, drought tolerant plants, non-native species, successions of flower’s blooms and berries, butterfly plants, plants that attract pollinators and plants for bird habitat.

Design and consulting is $40.00 an hour. Call the nursery at 541-521-9907 and ask for Cynthia for more information.

Doak Creek Native Plant Nursery accepts payment by cash or check, no credit or debit cards please.

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83331 Jackson Marlow Road • Eugene, Oregon 97405
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Doak Creek Native Plant Nursery

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